What is natural search engine optimization (SEO)?

Natural, or Organic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a process of making your site more search engine friendly by optimizing the entire website design and content. Then the site will be visible in SERPs against optimized keywords or Key phrase.

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimization is important for a number of reasons including:


  • 36% of searchers attribute top organic position with brand quality
  • 60% to 70% of all search traffic comes from organic listings
  • 90% of organic search traffic is driven from the top five listings
  • 62% of searchers view only one page of results before clicking (Jupiter Research)
  • Having the No. 1 listing in both organic and paid search can increase click rates by three times

How do natural search differ from paid search? 구글광고대행


The primary differences are:


  • Paid search can be launched quickly. Natural search generally takes months to show a return.
  • Paid search focuses on a large number of keywords. Natural search needs to be focused on a few high-return keywords.
  • Paid search is highly measurable. Tracking results on natural search is more difficult (although not impossible).

How much time will it take to see SEO result?


Time is most important factor in SEO life cycle. Once your website cached by search engines, it will take at least 2 weeks to update the results.

Can any one guarantee a #1 ranking in Search Engine?

No. No one can guarantee a #1 placement in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), as there are simply too many factors outside our control. In fact, in Google’s Information for Webmasters, they recommend that companies beware SEOs that guarantee results.

We are, however, willing and able to make a guarantee as to our SEO ethics.

Will my website stay at the #1 position once my website is placed there?

Search Engine ranking fluctuate frequently. SEO is an on going process. However if your website is maintained by SEO Specialist month to month then it can be stay in top positions.