Mystery Shopping As A Part Time Job

Is it possible that a job mystery shopping could solve your “I need extra income” problem? A popular website known for money saving and making tips recently looked at this issue and found that mystery shopping can in fact make a great part time job.

The author discussed how important it is for shoppers to ensure that every shop they do is worthwhile for their own purposes. Here is what “worthwhile” means to the author: 이미테이션

1) The shop takes place either online or by phone (to save time commuting to the shop itself). 2) If the mystery shopping assignment is in a physical location, it is happening somewhere near where the shopper will be anyway. 3) The shop involves buying something the shopper will use in their everyday lives (for the author, cosmetics shops are at the top of the list). 4) Restaurant shops (everyone needs food, of course).

Here is the crux of the points the author makes: Mystery shoppers should choose assignments that will be fulfilling beyond the check they receive in the mail afterward, because mystery shopping will never be a get-rich-quick scheme.

However, mystery shopping can be a great way for people to earn a little extra cash on the side for doing things they might already do, with just a little paperwork and reporting to complete to finish the job and get paid. The writer of the blog post uses the money she makers from mystery shopping to supplement her vacation fund.

Some of the best shops the writer has done include restaurants, car dealerships and retailers such as cosmetics, though the “best” shops will be different for each individual shopper.

And for many people, mystery shopping is even better than most side jobs, because the flexibility it offers — whether the shopping assignments are on weekends, evenings or days off — and the freedom to choose the jobs that are most interesting and worthwhile.

The blog post leaves readers with the advice that they should be choosy with the shops they apply for and accept. Although mystery shoppers can take on as many shops (with as much earning potential money) as their schedule allows, it is important for them to remember their limits and know that trying to do a lot of mystery shopping can be exhausting.

The writer also recommends that shoppers keeping a reliable calendar of the shops they take on. Schedulers hate cancellations, and they remember the people who they work with on a regular basis. Mystery shoppers who follow through and consistently do their best work on the shops they take will definitely be rewarded with assignments that are more fun and pay better.